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The Petro-state Masquerade: Oil, Sovereignty, and Power in Trinidad and Tobago. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. (Forthcoming - Autumn 2024)
Journal Articles

2023. "Facing the Flames: The Herskovitses, Trinidad, and the Anthropological Imagination." American Ethnologist 50 (3)

2020. "States of Crisis, Flags of Convenience: An Introduction." Small Axe 62: 67-77.

2020. "The Case for Letting Anthropology Burn: Sociocultural Anthropology in 2019." American Anthropologist 122 (2): 259-271.

French translation published as 2023. "Le plaidoyer pour laisser brûler l’anthropologie : l’anthropologie socioculturelle en 2019." Nathan Pécout-Le Bras, trans. CORA: Collective Research in Anthropology 1(1)

2018. "Road Work: Highways and Hegemony in Trinidad and Tobago." The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology 23 (3): 457-477.

2016. "The Decolonizing Generation: (Race and) Theory in Anthropology Since the Eighties." With Jafari Sinclaire Allen Current Anthropology 57 (2): 129-148.

Book Chapters

2021. "Dead Labor: On Racial Capital and Fossil Capital." In Histories of Racial Capitalism. Destin Jenkins and Justin Leroy, eds. Pp. 215-230.



2023. "Pork." PREE: Caribbean Writing 11

Special Issues Edited

2020. "States of Crisis: Disaster, Recovery, and Possibility in the Caribbean." Small Axe 62.

Book Reviews

2013. "Modernity of this Century: Four Ethnographic Perspectives." With Erik Harms, Caroline Merrifield, and Sayd Randle. Anthropology of this Century 8.

Bibliography and Encyclopedia Entries

2019. "Race." Oxford Bibliographies in Anthropology. John L. Jackson, Jr., ed. New York: Oxford University Press.

Other Writing

2022. "Calypso Mike: A Caribbean Tribute to the California Kid." Contemporaries at Post45. August 4.

2022. Comment on Shreya Subramani’s “The Entrepreneurial Catch: Towards an Analytic of Racial Responsibilization.” Current Anthropology 63(4): 377-378.

2020. "Warning Signs: Mike Pompeo Goes to Guyana." With Matthew Quest. National Workers Union Trinidad & Tobago. September 18.

2019. "Black Gold in El Dorado: Frontiers of Race and Oil in Guyana." SSRC Items. January 8.

2016. "Decolonization Matters." Anthropology News. Association of Black Anthropologists Guest Column. September/October.

2015. "The Chavez Doctrine or Revolutionary Socialism?Counterpunch. October 31.

2015. "Sheikhs, Shale, and Socialism: Oil War in the Americas." Counterpunch. February 13.

2014. "The Highway Re-Route Movement of Trinidad and Tobago: From Dependency to Democracy." ENGAGEMENT: The Official Blog of the Anthropology & Environment Society. October 26.

2013. "Seven Minutes in Panama: 42 and the Comforts of Civil Rights." Postcolonial Networks. June 20.

2012. "Independence Dreams and the Gaza Don: A Review of Vybz Kartel's The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto." September 26.

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